Saturday 12 December 2015

12th December: Looking Back Through My Scrapbook

There are not many days left of 2015 now, and it's nice to reflect on the year behind us.  Today therefore, I'm looking back over my favourite scrapbook pages of the year. I haven't fit in a huge amount of scraobooking this year and therefore I'm keen to make it a priority for next year.  More pretty paper in 2016!

This page uses a photo from a holiday the man and I took in 2014, and I've put the journalling in a transparent, vellum envelope which is accessed by a secret pocket in the back of the page.  This was also the first page I did with a big, interconnecting title, where I hand-cut the words in their linked form, rather than separately.  It's not a quick process, but the lacy result is one that I love, and have used more and more this year,

This page seems to mark the start of the white-backgrounds-are-brilliant phase.  I love the effect of white text on a white background, and the cleanness of the white space means that the areas with more detail and layers have space to breathe and stand out a little more.

And importantly, little camera icons and wooden heart embellishments make regular appearances; they are starting to seem like a little scrapbook signature.

This is actually my most recent page and has all the hallmarks I've been using this year: lots of hand-journalling in black, a white background, little ink splatters, the ubiquitous wooden heart, hand-cut title...and the design is structured around a central column down the page.  I hadn't noticed until I made this page how many of my scrapbook designs work around the vertical middle third of a page, but clearly it's something I gravitate towards.

And the last page for today: black and white with little highlights in accent colours.  It's an interesting process to look back over the pages I've made this year and find common design elements.  And I'm looking forward to scrapbooking more! There is one more page I've made, which I put together last week and I'm waiting for some actual daylight to photograph it and blog it, but a little bit of festive scrapbooking reminded me how lovely it is to tell stories, look back on the good times, and craft them out of paper.

Kisses xxx

P.S. This blog post is part of my Journal Your Christmas series, capturing memories of Christmas with Shimelle's online class.

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