Sunday, 6 December 2015

6th December: Memories of Christmas Past

It's nice to think back over the lovely Christmassy events of past years as I look forward to things that are happening this month.  Last year was lovely and I did Journal Your Christmas in the same way as I'm doing it this year: through my blog.  And now I have a collection of lovely pictures and memories to look back on that make me smile. Such as this magical evening spent exploring the Kew Gardens winter trail with my favourite person.

A lovely morning in with carols on the radio, a cup of tea at my side and Christmas cards to send to family and friends.

A wonderful hot chocolate, infused with orange and a splash of liquor that I sipped sitting in Selfridges rooftop cafe, which was decked out to look like a ski lodge with pine and blankets and snow.

A brilliant evening catching up and having dinner with friends at a favorite restaurant, bedecked with twinkly lights.

Knitting welly toppers for the Guide leaders to keep the snow and rain out of our boots on camp.

Evenings in where a simple tea light in a jam jar makes chases away the cold and makes the night instantly cosy.

Baking and sharing festive treats, and snagging a couple for my own secret stash of nibbles.

Experimenting with photography to capture that special seasonal twinkle.

Wonderful food prepared and shared at home with a wonderful man.

Visiting family and exploring, seeing the winter sunset as the nights draw in early.

Making a gingerbread house to teach my students about the coefficient of friction between an object and the sloping plane down which it slides, Christmas style.

Wishing you all lots of new happy memories for Christmas 2015.

Kisses xxx

P.S. This blog post is part of series I'm writing for Shimelle's online class Journal Your Christmas, capturing festive memories through words and pictures each day.


  1. Love that you featured a gingerbread house in your lesson!

  2. Beautiful photography. I especially love the picture of you at Kew.

  3. I remember these posts, those wellies boot toppers were fab :)

  4. I remember them too!
    Making a gingerbread house to teach students about something.. wow.