Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th December: Ginger Biscuits for Christmas

I write this blog post once a year, and it's about biscuits.  Specifically, it's about ginger biscuits, and if we want to raise the specificity to alarming levels, it's about Elizabeth's ginger biscuits.  I have no idea who Elizabeth is, but that's what it says in my Grandma's handwriting on the top of the recipe she copied out and posted to me some years ago.

And if you're interested, I have blogged the recipe here.

I sometimes find myself thinking that it would be nice to start a Christmas tradition or two that I can enjoy and return to each year.  It has only occurred to me as I write this that in this recipe, I have found just that. These biscuits are great: they're full of the festive flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg, they sparkle with a little bit of glitter, they're inexpensive to make, quick, failsafe and easy to produce in large quantities, and they are a crowd-pleaser every time. Without noticing, whenever I bake these students for family, friends, colleagues and students every year, I have found a tradition of my own.

I make these biscuits quite a lot; so much so that people recognise them and comment on it.  I have shared the recipe with friends, made these biscuits with Guides, and knocked out batches of over 70 at a time to supply last-minute cake sales.  And they work every time.  See?  Failsafe.

Here's a little festive promise to myself though: next time I make these biscuits, I will take my time, enjoy the process, relish the recipe and reflect on my Christmas tradition.  Because it's mine.

And it tastes good.

Kisses xxx

P.S. This post is part of a series I am working on each day during Advent for Shimelle's Online Class Journal Your Christmas. Each day brings a new festive memory to capture and enjoy.


  1. Yumm! How wonderful to have a Christmas Tradition that is so edible and tasty! The biscuits look great too, drizzled with - white chocolate? - and with pretty stars sprinkled on top. I bet they are a favourite with your students.
    I sent James to school today, with two dozen banana and chocolate cakes, that we made last night, ready for his VIth Form Cake Sale today. I think these cakes are a bit of a tradition in our family too, as they are a quick and easy go-to recipe for whenever "cakes" are required. James loves them too and even Dave enjoys one now and then, though he doesn't have a particular fondness for cake (!!).
    Lovely to see your photos and read about your lovely Tradition. I'm off to read (& borrow) the recipe now!

  2. My daughter has just made the cookies without white choc as we did not have any. Oh yum there are scrummy

  3. Just wanted to come back and say, I made these today and I've never know my baking to disappear so quickly...21 cookies gone in 25 minutes, they didn't even get completely cooled!
    Just had to make a second batch as they're so good.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe and your tradition.