Friday 10 June 2016

Deconstructing a Scrapbook Page with Shimelle

Today at I am sharing a project that I'm really excited about.  I like to think of it as deconstructed scrapbook page because it contains all the elements of a usual layout but spread out over a couple of page protectors.  If you read my post about my travels in Ecuador's rainforest, you might be aware that I had a lot to say about that experience, and a lot of photos!  So this project was designed to incorporate all those pictures, and all the writing from my travel journal into one spot in my album.

I'm so pleased with how the finished result turned out, and it was very satisfying to turn what felt like a huge volume of memories and comfortably include them into a layout for my album, without the need to make page after page after page on the some topic.

So do visit today to see the full project and find some scrapbook inspiration.

Kisses xxx

P.S. If you travel journal while your away from home, I'd love to hear how you go about it, before I set off on a new adventure this summer!


  1. Will pop over and take a peek.

  2. Could you put a direct link to the post-I can't seem to find it?

    1. Sorry Melanie, the schedule got a bit out of sync. But we're back on track now and it should be going live shortly.