Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Back to School

Over the past week or so, the summer has drawn to a close and students and their teachers have returned to school. For me this happened on the 31st of August which seems intolerably early, but I cannot complain as I have had a wonderful break and equally I am enjoying being back in the school routine. Crisp new exercise books, eager students, a clean whiteboard and a brand new cake rota for those lessons that we all, pupils and teacher alike, just have to get through.
It's all about the little things that help along the way!
Summer was wonderful: a long break from school brings with it the opportunity to travel which I seized with both hands. With travel, I find the more I do, the more I go, the more I see, then the more I am inspired to go further, explore more, adventure more, experience more, try more! In July, I travelled for the first time to the continent of Africa, making my way up the west coast of South Africa into Namibia and Botswana, before popping to Zambia and Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls. In August I spent some time in New. Zealand with my brother, marvelling at the scenery and having some quite exhilarating experiences! It was a summer that dreams are made off, a summer where I achieved 6 of the ambitions on my list and have come away with more travel dreams and ambitions. 
Back to school brings new things to share here on the blog. I am gradually editing the hundreds upon hundreds of photos I returned home with. I'm looking forward to pairing them with entries from my travel journal, blogging about the amazing places I was so fortunate to experience, and of course, scrapbooking.
And speaking of scrapbooking, I am looking forward to the weather turning cooler, the approach of Autumn, the appearance of hot chocolate of an evening, and spreading out all the pretty things around the sofa so that I can sit under a blanket with a cup of tea, scrapbooking and crafting my little heart out! I have signed up to Wilna Furstenburg's new workshop called Artventure to give me scrapbooking inspiration for the next year, a class which my parents very kindly treated me to as my Christmas present.
Back school also means back to Guides and getting excited as we fundraise for a unit trip we're planning next year to Switzerland.
Back to school means Bake Off. Enough said.
Back to school means commuting and a new knitting project as I work on the shawl that will wrap around me and keep me warm when the temperature drops.
Back to school means new recipes in the crockpot, making soup and experimenting with delicious new curry recipes.
Back to school not only means reflecting on the joys of travel in the summer, but it brings cosy evenings planning the next adventure; a time to go away with the man and the excitement of spending a week in New York together, just the two of us.
So all in all I like September. It's like a new year to me; as a teacher the academic new year I think resonates more with me than the calendar year. Its time to look forward to the coming year, make plans, reflect on golden summer days and enjoy the cool approach of Autumn with a cocktail in the last few rays of sun. I'm excited and I'm looking forward to sharing more here.
I wish you well if you're returning to education this week. And a very happy new year to all!
Kisses xxx
P.S. If anyone has any New York must-sees let me know!  I've been before but the man hasn't so we will do a mixture of the usual tourist spots and taking in the sights, but also aim to try some more unusual things too!


  1. I can well recommend signing up for a half day with the Big Apple Greeters who take you to the less well known parts of NY. We had a great time exploring Little Italy with a local. See: http://bigapplegreeter.org/

    1. What a great tip, thank you! Must be good to get a local's input :D

  2. Are you going in October half-term? I'll be there then with The Boy Child for 5 days :) What to see? Top of the Rock (for that view at eye-level of the Empire State Building), Brooklyn Bridge, High Line for great views of the West Side, Central Park on Sunday morning, 9:11 Memorial and Museum, any museum on 5th Avenue, Staten Island ferry, Lady Liberty ... I'll stop now. :)

    1. We are indeed! Top of the Rock is definitely on my list as I didn't make it last time. Ditto High Line... Most of the other stuff I have visited and I'm looking forward to exploring some more of Brooklyn! Hope you have an amazing time too :D Also, I've heard there's a maths museum!

  3. Katz deli - https://www.katzsdelicatessen.com/ - a nice salt beef sandwich.
    - Staten Island Ferry (which is free) gives you the best view of the Statue of Liberty
    - Top of the Rock - best views of NY (I hate the Statue of Liberty - takes too long to get to the top)
    - Rice to Riches - https://www.ricetoriches.com/ - loads of different flavoured rice pudding - you can have a taster for free and it's a good toilet stop.
    - Botanic gardens in Brooklyn
    - The City Reliquary (not been, but my friend recommends it) - http://www.cityreliquary.org/

    I love NY - you'll have a fab time.

    1. This is amazing thank you, I love these suggestions! We're definitely thinking of Top of the Rock, I'm going to look into the Botanic gardens in Brooklyn (I'd like to see lots more of Brooklyn) and rice to riches looks fabulous!

      Basically I'm hoping to eat ALL OF THE THINGS while there :D

    2. I think Brooklyn is better than Manhattan, although Greenwich Village and the Meat Packing District are quite nice to wander around.

      One thing I guarantee is that you won't go hungry.

      A friend sent me this today - http://untappedcities.com/2012/12/11/most-untapped-places-in-new-york-city-untapped-new-york/ thought you might like it.