Tuesday 14 February 2017

Contiki and the Light Fantastic

Matt and I had booked onto a Contiki tour for New Zealand.  It was a company I had never travelled with before, and we met our group in Christchurch the evening before we were due to set off. It seemed like a HUGE bunch, over 40 of us, and I was initially a little apprehensive.
However, in for a penny, in for a pound. Jeff the motel guy had recommended going to see the Botanic Gardens while we were in Christchurch, as there was a big light trail on that you could follow in the dark.  Matt and I wanted to go and so we invited some of the group along to explore.
Which turned out to be a great move!

We all strolled towards the park and had a lovely time, getting to know each other a bit, and it was nice to be able to match a few faces and names. The light trail was wonderful (and made it feel even more like Christmas).

Wandering along through the dark, tree-lined avenues, it was romantic and twinkly. The cold turned our breath into cloud, lights jumped in myriad reflections in still lakes, changing colours. The dark, watery mirrors were may favourite, producing spectacular effects.

The trees were dripping ribbons of fairy lights, looped, tangled and entwined in welcoming branches. I got lost in the beauty of it all, just me and my camera in the crowd, drinking it in.

Then, awkwardly, I did get lost in the dark, realising suddenly that I couldn’t spot any of the people I’d arrived with. Fortunately I was able to text Matt who was still with the group and they all waited for me to unlose myself, which was very thoughtful.

Once we’d had our fill of the lights, and the cold was starting to nip at our fingers and toes, we all piled into a bar and had dinner together. It was good fun, and we eventually turned in feeling very happy to be starting the tour with such a lovely crowd.

Kisses xxx
P.S. As get stuck into half term, I'm looking forward to some more adventures; travelling to Finland this week!

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