Wednesday 26 April 2017

Chasing Paper Clouds

Recently I have really been inspired by the work of scrapbooker Elsie, of Hey Elsie.  You can find a link to her blog here, and she makes fabulous Youtube videos. She's a scrapbooker after my own heart, and while her style is different to mine, I find myself in agreement with a lot of her ideas and processes. She often uses white backgrounds, doesn't have a lot of fancy tools. and she creates handmade details. I like that she is willing to scrapbook slowly, instead of making the quantity of layouts she produces the main factor.  As a perpetually slow scrapper, this really resonated with me, as I like to take time over my pages and get them to be just the way I want them.
If you've got a craft knife and there's something good on telly, you've got everything you need!
And a cup of tea doesn't hurt either. Especially if it's pink and matches your mug. And your photos.
I decided to take some inspiration from Elsie's pages and I challenged myself to use cloud shapes on a layout (you can see the result here).  They're a good, neutral icon and I liked the idea of incorporating them into my design.
I also had a few clouds left over; I had made sure that I cut out plenty so that I wouldn't run out, and now I have the extra ones which can go towards another project.  I'm part way through making a pocket page to hold the other pictures of these cupcakes and add a bit more context to the story with more journaling, so the extra clouds will be very useful to tie the two pages together thematically.
I enjoyed using the clouds and I think they could easily become a go-to shape.  Over the Christmas period, I used a lot of stars, as they seem festive, but still go with any theme or topic, and so it's good to have another design I can use repeatedly as an embellishment.
The more I do it, the more I like having a set of pictures to accompany a full 12x12 page.  It means I can included all the pictures I want to without having to cram them onto a page. I like to have my photos printed and visible, and I have also found that I enjoy arranging them to work in a grid.  They often don't need much in the way of embellishment and actually, by putting them into a pocket page, they have space to breathe.
All the photos in these pictures I had printed from photo company Cheerz. I've tried a few different photo companies, but these are the ones I like best and I've stuck with them.  I personally found the image quality to be the sharpest, and I can order a large box all in one go. It's not always easy to find square prints, but these are 4x4, including the thin white border (optional, but I love it!) and since discovering Cheerz, I ordered from them a few times. So if you're looking for somewhere, I'd totally recommend them.

Kisses xxx
P.S. If there are any scrapbookers you really admire, do let me know!  It's always nice to find new inspiration.

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