Monday 24 April 2017

Spring Flowers and Easter Tea

My box of tea from Bluebird Tea Company arrived in the post to coincide with the Easter holidays.  Which was pretty much perfect timing. What could be better than some time off work and lots of new teas to try while the sun shines and daffodils bob in my window?
The box was full of some really lovely and imaginative goodies.  There were hot cross bun teabags nestled into an egg, or wrapped into a carrot fit for a tea-drinking bunny.  There were samples of matcha to try (more on that another time as I have LOVED experimenting with matcha!) and a new flavour that has become an instant favourite: Carrot Cake. A rooibos tea filled with the flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg and hazlenut, vanilla and, or course, carrot. That was the first one I tore into.

The other treat in the box was a packet of Easter Egg Nest tea and it's this one I wanted to review today. It took me a while to work out what might be in this and really couldn't imagine how Easter nest tea would work.  So I brewed up a cup, and while I was waiting the required 4 minutes for the flavours to infuse, I got out the mini eggs too.  It seemed appropriate.  For breakfast.

It turns out that Easter Nest Tea is truly delicious, and it tastes of chocolate rice crispy treats. It just does! It's a black tea blended with cacao beans for chocolatey goodness, toasted rice which really comes through, marshmallows for fun, and even a dash of green tea and some sunflower petals.  The taste is surprisingly delicate, but completely wonderful.  I added a dash of milk to mine to drink it with, as that's how I usually drink all black teas, but I really would limit it to only a dash.
The resulting cuppa is subtle; chocolatey with a definite hit from the toasted rice which is what makes this tea really work for me.  But I also like that it's not too fancy. I could drink a lot of this and not be overpowered. And it's fun!
I would really recommend with a hefty helping of chocolate egg.  And if you're interested, you can find Easter Nest Tea here.

I had three mugs back to back. And I'm not even sorry.
Tea is the best.
Kisses xxx
P.S. As a tea rep for Bluebird Tea Company, I can offer you a one-use-only 20% off discount code: just enter CURIOUSTEABIRD07 when you check out. The Easter teas won't be hanging around for long so move quickly, tea fans! 


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