Thursday, 20 April 2017

Travel Scrapbooking with Butterflies

The Easter holidays are now behind us, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of time for scrapbooking here and there and put together a page for my albums. This layout is all about a trip I took to Indonesia with friends a couple of years ago and you can read about our adventure visiting the Prambanam Temples here.

I kept the structure of this page simple with just two blocks: one for the photo and one for a title, which I decided to create as a papercut. I like to use white backgrounds to keep a sense of space, and I also find that means I can add intricate and detailed embellishment without overwhelming the design. While I have lots of photos from the trip, I used just one to be a focus of this layout, and the others will go in an accompanying divided page protector. Again, this allows me to include lots of white space on the page.

I printed my photo at around 3x4 inches, and used that as a guide for the size of the title.  I sketched out my title design and added a few flourishes, to make it a real design feature.  I used a craft knife to cut the title out of white cardstock and then mounted it on a blue patterned background.  Actually, he blue isn't a scrapbook paper at all, but half a postcard I picked up at Paperchase.  I tried a few possible options, but this one allowed the title to be read clearly.

With the photo and title prepared, that really was most of the page done! I added detail through embellishment but I like the way that the page appears clean and uncluttered.  The white space enabled me to embellish quite a bit without struggling to cram things onto the page. I stuck to tones of blue and grey as I was putting the layout together, drawing the colours from the stones in the photograph, and the bright pop of blue from the parasol.

As embellishment, I added layers behind both the photo and the title, and crowned the picture with a couple of punched tabs. I then balanced the design by including a camera beneath the title.  I love to include a camera on almost much every page I make (after all, I pretty much always include a photo), and I think they are particularly relevant to travel pages.

With all my layers in place, along with a few hand written details and ink splatters, I turned my attention to the embellishment. I used a butterfly motif in a trail across the page; butterflies seem exotic to me and it was a good fit for the subject of the layout.
The larger butterflies are cut from a sheet of patterned paper by October Afternoon, which I dug out of my stash. I fussy cut loads of them out, and most were just butterfly shapes in different patterns and shades of blue and grey.  However, a few of the butterflies were more realistic, vintage-style images and I ended up opting to use these. I liked the variety and the detail, and they toned in well with the page.
With the large butterflies in place, I added smaller butterflies in little trails, again balancing the two sides of the page.  I punched the butterflies from different patterned papers using the Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch; a classic! Wherever I could, I used little foam pads to raise the wings and add dimension, and for the smallest butterflies, I just glued down one wing and folded the other up.

This is effectively the finished page except for one omission: the journaling.  The butterfly above can actually be folded back to reveal a hidden envelope which contains the journaling.

I always like to include lots of journaling on my pages as it's the most important way for me to communicate the story and the memory.  However, lots of written journaling seemed out of place in this design, so tucking it away in an envelope is a great compromise.  I get the full extract from my travel journal documented, but I also maintain the white space of the design.

And that's my page! It took me a strangely long time to do, largely because I couldn't work out exactly where I thought the butterflies should be positioned so that they looked randomly fluttery.  But I'm also glad I took the time as I'm really happy with the result.
Does anyone else do this?

Kisses xxx

P.S. I'm going to aim to make the matching divided page protector next. It's nice to do it after I've made a layout as I can include offcuts and scraps from this one, which will tie in effectively, and I can bring in all my other pictures and the rest of my travel journal for this day!


  1. That is such a beautiful page! You can see just how much hard work you put into it.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm definitely not terribly quick, but it's all good fun :D

  2. This is gorgeous! I love your photo and embellishments!

  3. Lovely as always, you are so good at including white space. Love the hand cut title.

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