Wednesday 10 May 2017

A Pocket Page Full of Cake

A little while ago, I made a scrapbook page about cake.  Because cake is great, and this was a particularly good cake story.  You can find the layout I made here, along with the story. However, I also wanted to include a bit more journaling and a lot more photographs it as I had more story to tell and pictures that are undeniably Instagram-worthy (if I say so myself.  And I do). So I knew I was going to make a pocket page to go with the original layout, and today I have the results of that process to share.
Making a divided page to go with a 12x12 layout is something I've been doing quite a bit lately. It gives me the perfect opportunity to include everything I want in terms of photography and story without having to compromise on or sacrifice design space.
When I came to make the pocket page, I went back to my original layout for inspiration. I had a few of the clouds left, which I had cut from patterned paper but then not used, and I had some offcuts from the patterned papers I have used.  That was really all I needed to put everything together and ensure that they would tone in.
I arranged my photos first, choosing the six pockets to place them in. Then I put squares of patterned paper or cardstock in the remaining spaces. This was the basic design complete: I allocated one of three to be journaling, one to be a subtitle linking to the 12x12, and one to be embellishment.

When I make a pocket page, I layout it out altogether and work on it like I would as 12x12 layout.  This might be because 12x12 is my favourite format and I'm most comfortable with it this way. But I also like that doing this allows me to see how all the pieces will work together.
For instance, I wanted to bring in the tiny pink camera icon from the main page, but I also wanted them to be distributed evenly around the pocket page.  Considering the divided layout as a whole helped me to ensure that the tiny cameras didn't all end up next to one another.

To finish off the embellishment, pretty much every square got a little something added to it: a tab or strip of paper or a camera. I like the look of little touches as they bring the whole design together without overwhelming the pictures.  And for me, the pocket page is all about showcasing the photography.

I'm pleased with how this came out - I think it's my favourite pocket page yet - and I like the way the two pages sit together in my album. So I'm definitely going to keep going with this idea, as I love how it's working so far.
Kisses xxx
P.S. I hope you enjoyed International Scrapbooking day. I think it ought to be week though.  I hope to find a little bit of quiet time this week to get stuck into the layout I started.  A day just isn't enough!


  1. I think it's true to say that I love everything about this post!

  2. Both are great pages. I have a stash of pocket pages, and since I have given up on PL, this might be a good way of using them up.

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