Thursday 6 July 2017

Living the Lovely Canal Life

I recently shared a post about a week spent on a barge during the Easter Holiday with a trusty band of lovely friends.  I loved having my camera and shooting the waterways gliding past, and so today I have a few more pictures from that experience. There isn't really any more story to tell; it's a experience to be lived rather than discussed and it existed in the small moments: feeling the boat rock slightly as you fall asleep, cosy in your cabin. Tramping down the dewy grass as you cast off your boat first thing. Wrapping slightly chilled fingers around a mug of warm tea as the evening draws on. Leaping on to the bank with windlass in hand and wind in hair ready to take on a lock, feeling proud that you know how to do this and can send your crew on the way. Peering into little windows and catching snapshots of another crew on their own adventure. The feeling of freedom and self-sufficiency.

And beautiful English countryside under spring skies.

Quack's all, folks.
Kisses xxx
P.S. This whole adventure sort of kicked off because going on a canal boat was one of the things on my list.  And it was wonderful; I really, really, REALLY want to go again.  That's the whole point of the list: to encourage me to try new things and find new passions!

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  1. these are all such beautiful and refreshing pictures. sure to make anyones day. it is nice to see you observe things in a lovely way and also, keeping us updated about it