Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Skygarden Pocket Page

Last week, I shared a scrapbook page using autumn shades and florals - you can find it here - but I had a lot more pictures from the occasion and more journalling I wanted to include.  So today's post is all about the pocket page I made to go with it!

Making a matching pocket page is a technique I've been going to a lot over the last year or so.  I like the opportunity to include a fuller version of the story in my album, and I like to be able to display my photos in a slightly less embellished way sometimes.  Additionally, as a die-hard one-photo-per-page scrapbooker, making an extra supporting layout means that I don't feel the need to try and fit more pictures onto my 12x12 pages. I don't know why I can't seem to make that work for me, but I just can't! It doesn't fit with how I scrapbook!

When putting together my pocket page, I pulled little scraps of patterned paper and colours that toned with the original 12x12 layout. Using leftover offcuts really helps with this as I was literally able to use the same papers and coordinate the two halves of the layout effectively.

I wanted to include the look of a papercut in my pocket page to link back the main design, and so I sketched out a leafy image and cut it out of kraft cardstock using my craft knife. The leaf effect tied tied into the 12x12 design, as did the colour of the kraft, and I embellished with a few pearl-topped butterflied.

I put the papercut in an empty pocket to let the design show on both sides of the page.  When attaching my punched butterflies, I added them in the same places on the front and on the back so that the papercut would be completely reversible.  It was also a good place to add the date and the location.

The pocket page is double sided and I carried the same motifs into the reverse side. For instance, I embellished both sides of my journaling card with green florals, and used the same pinked circle and postage stamp punches to add labels and embellishment to photos.

As the back of the pocket page won't be next to the 12x12 layout, I created an additional title, cut out of white cardstock to match. I used a photo as a guide for the size, and hand-wrote the word Skygarden to show where we were.  Once I was happy with the design, I used my craft knife to cut it out of the white cardstock and placed it over an area of a photo I didn't mind obscuring.

To finish off the pocket page, I made sure some of the same little details appeared within the pockets as are present in the 12x12 page.  Little woodgrain hearts are tucked into the photos here and there, the butterflies are a clear link, and even the journaling card, handwritten in black pen on a white background, maintains continuity.

And that's my pocket page!  Definitely feeling more and more inspired to get lots of photos into my scrapbook album.

Kisses xxx

P.S. This is another page I put together at the Blogger's Weekend away, a lovely weekend of pure scrapbooking (and cake) time. Definitely need to make some time to have a day like that every so often!


  1. Don't they look perfect together! Just gorgeous!

  2. This is so inspiring. I have always really struggled with a single photo per page (it just always seemed such a waste of space when I had so many photos!), but combining a full page and a pocket page like makes such absolute visual and journalistic sense. All your own special touches make it truly lovely.

  3. These look wonderful together! I really need to do this on occasions instead of making SO many 12x12 pages for one event!