Thursday, 5 October 2017

Pretty Dresses, Pretty Paper

I've got a page from the scrapbook to share today, and it's one of my favourites I've ever made! I love when that happens, but I often feel it's a bit unpredictable.  Maybe it's just because this was such a lovely memory and it's great to have it recorded.

It has to be acknowledged that this is not a brilliant photo.  It's a selfie I took on my phone of 4 of us being bridesmaids.  We were all ready to go, and despite the sweltering heat (even in the evening the temperature was over 40 degrees) we were so excited to be accompanying one of our best friends down the aisle with her fiance in the beautiful countryside of southern Spain. The bride and groom were having some official photos taken before the ceremony and so I snapped this. A happy moment.  

I pulled out some supplies to go with the photo; I promise that we weren't wearing lashings of fake tan as this picture seems to imply.  It's just that the sun was so bright my phone struggled to keep the colours true.

Our dresses were in lovely shades of dusty pink and soft beige and I included touches of pink in the supplies I used. However, I also found that woodgrain worked really well, and little touches of yellow and gold to bring out the sunshine. Finally I wanted to incorporate some black and white elements as I'm finding more and more that I like how striking they look.

A staple of my scrapbooking is the white cardstock background and it looks like my love of this is here to stay.  I like the uncluttered feel, the space it gives to detailed embellishments and I think it often looks quite sophisticated.  Plus a white background gives the option to add white-on-white elements for texture and dimension.

Onto the background, I layered up different elements to frame my photo: patterned paper, tags, doilies, punched shapes and tabs. I kept everything to a central block with a little bit of detail at the top and bottom of the layout.

I doodled the title 'Henchwomen' for this page, making sure the word was the right length to just fit across the bottom of my photo. I then cut the title out of white cardstock with my craft knife.  While the background cardstock is textured, I often use smooth card for titles as creates a subtle contrast, lifting it from the page a little bit and distinguishing it from everything else.

I also sketched out a little leafy vine and a couple of hearts, popping them up on little foam squares for impact.  I like the intricate look of papercuts, and I also hand cut some arrow shapes to position around the page. By adding them in 3 places, the design has more flow and the arrows direct attention to the focal points.  I experimented colouring in the ends with a gold gel pen and I really like the look. I'd love to try the gold-dipped look with a whole title!

I added my journalling onto a grid paper  and topped it with a transparency. The text is still legible underneath but it was another nice opportunity to introduce a touch of gold. I also created little tabs to write on to add the key details: useful as I don't then need to include these in the text of my journalling.

I finished off the layout with a sprinkling of embellishment: little letters for the bridesmaids' initials, enamel dots and little stick pearls, washi tape and little camera stickers and finally some stars, both punched from dictionary pages and in wood veneer.

I will make a pocket page to go with this one at some point; I definitely want to scrap more pages about this beautiful wedding!  When I do that, I will aim to incorporate some of these same details to link the pages thematically.

Page complete! All ready for the album.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Working with gold has made me feel a bit Christmassy; I'm looking forward to digging out some pictures from last year to work with.


  1. Gorgeous page! I love the all the little bits and dimension!

  2. So pretty! Did you have matching dresses too?

  3. Such a totally delightful page! You are so good at taking the eye for a walk, so that all the little details can be appreciated and enjoyed - apart from admiring your skill with that craft knife :). The golds and peaches is such a lovely combination. And, as you probably know, I am absolutely with you on the white card. I really ought to give all my other colours away. Next Bloggers' Weekend, perhaps!

  4. Such a lovely page Kirsty xx