Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Exciting Adventures Around the World

As I write this, I am surrounded by cups of tea, travel guides, chocolate, naturally and notebooks of plans and lists and ideas, all of which pertain to travel. This is because, in three months, my partner Pete and I will be hightailing it out of Old London Town and spending a year travelling the world.

And I. Cannot. Wait!

I have resigned from my job, we are renting out the flat, we have been planning and plotting and saving pennies and now it’s actually on the horizon!

I say a year; in reality it will be about ten months, partly for budget reasons, and partly so that I can find a job for the new school year when we return (so if you know of anyone who needs a Maths teacher in a year, hook me up!). In that ten months, we will be taking on five continents - not necessarily the five you might think - and if you count starting and finishing in London you can chuck Europe into the mix too. We have planned a rough route, a few flights have been booked between continents, and the odd excursion planned here and there. The rest we shall make up as we go.

We have been preparing for over a year now, and I almost can’t believe that it’s nearly upon us. Taking a year out to travel has always been something of a dream for both of us, and in the end, we realised that actually, there was nothing stopping us. It will be wonderful to share the experience together and we definitely intend to really make the most of it.

We’re departing in July to take on Mexico, heading down to catch bits and pieces of Central America. Then we’ll be hitting Colombia come September and spending the next three months absorbing South America. We’ve both visited the continent before and loved it, so it will be amazing to explore more of this part of the world together. We’ve also booked a couple of once-in-a-lifetime trips to see the Galápagos Islands and to visit Antarctica. If you’re going to go on a dream trip, you may as well do it right.

From South America, we’ll then be heading off to explore New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Australia before heading north into Asia to spend our final few months wandering around there. 

We really hope to be able to share stories, updates and pictures as we go, although that will depend on our internet access. Pete is building us a shiny new website and the photographer and the scrapbooker in me are extremely excited to have so many things to record and document and reflect on. 

I’ll share our web address here once it’s ready, and I will follow up before we go with a post to share how I’d like to keep a journal of the whole adventure. Until then, it’s a matter of watching the next few months tick away, catching up with family and friends as much as possible and dreaming up plans and ideas for our year away.

Here’s to dreams coming true.

Kisses xxx

P.S. If there's anywhere you think we should go, give me a shout!


  1. What a tremendous adventure!!! Your itinerary sounds marvellous (and you will absolutely love the Cook Islands - we had a week there on our honeymoon, in between Auckland and LA)!

  2. Really enjoyed reading the post and glad preparations are going so well. Know you will have some wonderful experiences and look forward to sharing them via the new website.

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